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6046 Dempster St.
Morton Grove, IL. 60053

Open: Tuesday-Saturday
Hours: 11 AM- 7 PM 

Tel: 847-410-7207

Ironwood Tattoo is the premier destination for traditional Japanese-style tattoos in Morton Grove, IL. Our experienced tattoo artists are passionate about their work and bring a wealth of expertise, knowledge, and creativity to each client's tattoo experience. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional quality tattoos that follow the traditional style of Wabori.

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Rinel Tabamo, or Rhyno, is the first tattooer in Chicago to learn the traditional Japanese hand poke method known as tebori.  He is known for his intricate design work when working with machine. With tebori, he keeps the design simple yet powerful.   Outside of tattooing, Rhyno has a passion for music and breakdancing.

Rhyno's Portfolio  |  Tattoo Flash

Claudio Acuna



A tattooer from Chile. With 10+ years of experience, Claudio is a fast and efficient tattooer. He is known for his clean and bold Japanese-style tattoos.  He frequently tattoos in Hawaii as well.  Outside of tattooing, Claudio loves attending concerts.

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Claudio Acuña
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Jack Mitchell



Jack initially specialized in the vibrant and dynamic new-school tattoo style, which gained him recognition and success over the years. However, his journey led him to develop a profound fascination for the art of black and gray tattooing.


Now, with a primary focus on the traditional Japanese style, Jack seamlessly integrates these diverse elements into his work. Beyond tattooing, Jack is also passionate about music, movies, and using his skills to support individuals in their journey towards recovery.

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Detailed | Dynamic | Rugged 

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Claudio Acuña
Jack Mitchell

Neo | Aggressive | Vibrant

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